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28 Apr 2022


Split is a proud owner of many beaches, we have singled out the most beautiful for you, but many are spread throughout the city. You will never have to think about whether they are close, far, whether they are of good quality …

28 Apr 2022


The vestibule, that beautiful imperial lobby, with a circular floor plan, will always look monumental. At first it looked like this: large statues, domes with glittering mosaics of various colors, a white rotunda wall, and through the Vestibule one entered the residence from the Peristyle.

28 Apr 2022

Split Old town

Kroz više od 1700 godina, zahvaljujući kontinuitetu življenja, palača se sačuvala toliko da danas predstavlja jednu od najboljih antičkih palača Rimskog carstva. Svi graditeljski dijelovi, od antike do danas, izvrsno su sačuvani u samoj Dioklecijanovoj palači ali i gradu oko nje.

28 Mar 2016

Dalmatian cuisine

Traditional Dalmatian cuisine is rich in fish, vegetables and meat. Numerous fish specialties leave our tourists breathless. Sardines or oysters, other Adriatic fish, are a favorite on the menus of all our restaurants.